Gentle Stress Release Yoga for Women


*Stay tuned for upcoming sessions

This yoga series focuses on gentle stretches, flowing movements, stress release techniques, rejuvenation and healing. A combination of mindfulness, Qigong, yoga and breath work is included. This is a soothing class to calm your nervous system and relax any tension held in the body. This is the perfect class for reducing stress and increasing joint mobility. No yoga experience necessary. 

 Testimonials for Stress Release Yoga

 You are such an amazing person with special gifts.  Your calm spirit and gentle compassion assisted the caregivers in finding peace within themselves during their time with you.

 I really am enjoying the stress release class.  I’m usually self-conscious when it comes to doing something new like this but I am finding myself feeling comfortable and interested in what you are sharing.  The relaxing part at the end makes me feel very calm. 

 Marnie is a gifted and intuitive teacher who has synergistically drawn on several traditions to offer an activating and healing approach.  Her down to earth calmness allows us, as students, to truly take time out and be mindful.  The effort to integrate her knowledge has a great benefit for the participants.  I look forward to any opportunity to have Marnie as a teacher and role model.

 Mindfulness, calmness, peace. These are the words that come to mind having experienced Marnie’s classes. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!