Overcoming Anxiety: Focusing on Wellbeing



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This workshop is designed for people dealing with anxiety, stress, and an overactive mind. It is important to know how to physically relax the body, and it is equally as important to know the skills to manage an overactive mind.  Addressing both the mind and body is very effective in dealing with anxiety. 

This 8-week practical learning series helps you to better understand anxiety and how it works, enabling you to change your relationship with anxiety regardless of your circumstances. The course is based on proven scientific methods, and incorporates easy to learn approaches to help alleviate anxiety and stress. You will learn how to stop self -defeating habits and replace them with valuable strategies, letting you experience life to its fullest. 

Each class teaches a specific weekly theme, and integrates breathing techniques, specialized movement, and relaxation exercises. All classes end with a guided relaxation enhancing the skills learned. You will leave feeling calmer and with a greater sense of confidence.

Handouts will be given out at each class, along with helpful exercises to practice during the week, to gradually build your skills and resilience to create an enjoyable future. The course is fun too!

Included in the Weekly Themes
•   How we generate anxiety
•    Understanding our thoughts, patterns
•    Self Esteem/Inner Critic/Self talk  
•    Rumination
•    The need to feel in control  
•    Compartmentalization
•    Goals and value of planning
•    Recognizing vulnerabilities
•    What If’s       
•    Perfection
•    Expectations
•    Responsibilities
•    Uncertainty

Testimonials for Overcoming Anxiety: Focusing on Wellbeing

Marnie, thank you for the thoughtfulness, care and abundant knowledge you put into each and every session of Healing Anxiety. Both the cognitive and physical strategies you offered were easy to implement and effective! I loved the stories you wove into class, they brought to life the face of anxiety in our lives and offered visual images and metaphors to understand and lessen its impact. The physical work to release anxiety’s grip on the body and mind felt so good and again was easy to remember and replicate. The guided  mediation at the end of each class invoked such peace and calm and was totally restorative! My take-away is…… “I can manage this”….I am very grateful to have found you! Heartfelt thanks.

 I am so happy to have met Marnie, she has helped me be calm, and have less anxiety and know how to deal with situations – love it!

Marnie your course was so helpful. You were inspiring, clear, positive and I loved how you moved our energy whilst setting pearls of wisdom.

If you want practical tools for calming your mind that you can use every day then take this course.