Healing Depression: Focusing on Wellbeing



*Stay Tuned for Upcoming Sessions - please email Marnie.turningpoint@gmail.com if you are interested in this class*

This experiential learning series focuses on proven methods of relaxing and tools for feeling good. These classes will provide easy to follow steps to skillfully manage your moods. Each practical session will include exercises to help you actively engage in positive and helpful ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving through a combination of psychological  skills, movement, and guided visualizations.

This workshop series is not depressing; on the contrary, it’s fun!

* This course is not meant to be a substitute for personal therapy by a mental health professional. 

Testimonials for Healing Depression: Focusing On Wellbeing

This course is great for anyone, whether you suffer from depression or know someone close to you that does.  I will definitely recommend this course.

 A beautiful teacher full of heart and love.  Teaches from a deep, sensitive place of understanding, creates such a safe environment. Inspiring.

 I found Marnie’s approach well rounded – with a combination of theory, practical stories to support the theory, concrete images to aid visualization, physical movements and relaxation. Many thanks Marnie.

Marnie has a gentle multidisciplinary approach.  I would recommend her class to anyone struggling with depression.

Marnie – your ability to lead guided meditations truly is a gift. Your warm humour envelopes the class. It is like a comforting hug.