Hypnotherapy helps you experience a different way of thinking and looking at things. During a session you are guided into a relaxed, focused state, where you think about experiences and situations in positive ways. The physical body is encouraged to relax which helps the mind to become calmer.  This helps the mind focus on accessing inner strengths, to discover and learn new possibilities, and to incorporate helpful behaviours. 

During the session you are completely awake and deeply relaxed. You can ask or answer questions, and you can even laugh if you feel like it! The focus is 100% on your wellbeing, and afterwards, you will feel very calm. Unlike pharmaceutics there are absolutely NO side effects. 

Hypnotherapy is ideal for: 
-Goal attainment
-Weight management
-Chronic pain
-Overcoming fears
-Relaxation techniques to manage illnesses and injuries
-Relaxation techniques  to use before and after surgery procedures

Scientific and clinical studies at the Mayo Clinic, Yale University, and Stanford University continue to shed scientific light on the efficacy of hypnosis. More and more studies are showing that hypnosis is effective at relieving symptoms of stress, anxiety, sleep problems, and physical issues such as chronic pain. It has also been proven to boost self-confidence and much more. Hypnotherapy is widely recognized in the medical community as being a useful adjunct to traditional medical treatments when practiced by an experienced and highly trained hypnotherapist.

Interestingly, many famous people have successfully used hypnotherapy. To name a few:

  • Albert Einstein (physicist) – access deeper depths of creativity
  • Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister) – handle stress
  • David Beckham (soccer player) – career success
  • James Earl Jones (actor, voice of Darth Vador) – to overcome stuttering
  • Adele (singer) – to overcome stage fright
  • Kate Middleton (Duchess) – morning sickness

Testimonials for Hypnotherapy with Marnie

The relaxation was simply bliss. And Marnie's suggestions and compassionate perspective gave me the ability to gradually stop using painkillers and sleeping pills to get over a serious accident that had left me in severe pain. I learned to be more aware of what I was contributing to my situation, and how to get out of the circle of negativity and pain that I was in. Marnie is inspiring to be around, and she has a veritable treasure chest of ideas. I loved our visits and am deeply thankful that I was able to work with her.

I am doing much better thanks to you Marnie. Whenever my stomach starts to churn I just do some visualization and it all starts to settle down. Believe it or not things are starting to improve at work. I can't thank you enough. You gave me my confidence and strength back.  

Marnie you have helped me in so many ways - from giving me confidence, to teaching me self-relaxation and balancing my emotions. Your vast healing knowledge and sense of humour help create a complete healing experience. 

Thank you so much for today! I think I made a bit of a breakthrough! As I was driving home, I started to think "Wow, life has so many possibilities!" I haven't felt this elated for years. 

I would like to thank you for your help. It made such a world of difference in my life. I appreciate the time you took with me. You are very good at what you do.