Appointment Info

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Each session is tailored to meet the client's personal goals and unique needs.

The number of sessions needed depends on each individual client's circumstances. Usually three to six sessions are recommended. 

Appointments are 90 minutes. 

Session Fees are $95.00 (inclusive). 

Therapeutic Yoga/Relaxation Sessions

These sessions are ideal for those who need slow, gentle, relaxing movements and guided visualizations for stress, illness, medical treatments, and strokes. 

Individual classes (60 minutes)  $80.00
Group classes (75 minutes) $160.00 (group rate includes studio rental)

Book for a single class, weekly, or for monthly classes according to your needs, or form your own group (max 10). 

*All therapeutic classes can be done on chairs if preferred.

Testimonials for Private Sessions with Marnie

The relaxation was simply bliss. And Marnie's suggestions and compassionate perspective gave me the ability to gradually stop using painkillers and sleeping pills to get over a serious accident that had left me in severe pain. I learned to be more aware of what I was contributing to my situation, and how to get out of the circle of negativity and pain that I was in. Marnie is inspiring to be around, and she has a veritable treasure chest of ideas. I loved our visits and am deeply thankful that I was able to work with her.

Marnie you have helped me in so many ways - from giving me confidence, to teaching me self-relaxation and balancing my emotions. Your vast healing knowledge and sense of humour help create a complete healing experience. 

Thank you so much for today! I think I made a bit of a breakthrough! As I was driving home, I started to think "Wow, life has so many possibilities!" I haven't felt this elated for years. 

I found Marnie’s approach well rounded – with a combination of theory, practical stories to support the theory, concrete images to aid visualization, physical movements and relaxation. Many thanks Marnie.

I am doing much better thanks to you Marnie. Whenever my stomach starts to churn I just do some visualization and it all starts to settle down. Believe it or not things are starting to improve at work. I can't thank you enough. You gave me my confidence and strength back. 

Marnie is a gifted and intuitive teacher who has synergistically drawn on several traditions to offer an activating and healing approach.  Her down to earth calmness allows us, as students, to truly take time out and be mindful.  The effort to integrate her knowledge has a great benefit for the participants.  I look forward to any opportunity to have Marnie as a teacher and role model.