Peace of mind and a relaxed body is key to healing. Worry, anxiety, fear, and depression interfere with our wellbeing.

Turning Point’s goal is to help you learn proven methods that are designed to retrain your thought processes, and to empower you to handle life’s challenges and changing circumstances.

Marnie recognizes that we are all unique individuals, and therefore draws from a variety of methods to improve your overall wellbeing. These techniques can be complementary to you and your doctor’s treatment plan to further enhance your health and wellbeing.

Techniques include: 

  • Counselling

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Cognitive Skills

  • Visualization

  • Tapping (EFT)

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Movement (specific physical moves to calm and relax)

  • Progressive Relaxation.

Discuss desired goals and outcomes in a nonjudgmental and encouraging environment. Receive insight and  guidance to help manage difficult situations, and empower you towards a brighter future. 

Hypnotherapy is ideal for helping with: 
-Goal attainment
-Weight management
-Chronic pain
-Overcoming fears
-Relaxation techniques to manage illnesses and injuries
-Relaxation techniques  to use before and after surgery procedures

More info about hypnotherapy here

Cognitive (Thinking) Skills
Our viewpoints and what we tell ourselves influences our feelings, behaviour, physiology, relationships, problem-solving capabilities, and our life experiences. Often our way of thinking has become habitual and unhelpful and needs to be updated to reflect our current situation. By learning and using new approaches we are then able to take constructive action to create the type of life we desire.

By using mental imagery, you can learn to create images in your mind of your desired outcomes. Images can also help calm you as well as make you feel more confident. Visualization helps our brains more readily perceive and recognize the resources we need.

Tapping (EFT)
Tapping is a simple technique that is very effective.  Studies at Harvard Medical School have revealed that by tapping on and stimulating the body’s meridian points you can significantly reduce activity in the part of your brain that triggers the fear response. Researchers have cited numerous studies concluding that EFT results in a reduction of anxiety symptoms in people across a wide spectrum of circumstances. Tapping works fast to lower stress levels.

Breathing Exercises
When a person is relaxed physically and mentally the heart rate slows, blood pressure lowers, circulation is balanced throughout, digestive organs work smoothly and metabolism and immunity are optimal.  Breathing techniques are a very powerful means of creating this relaxation.

Physical movements incorporating yoga, Qigong, and stretches help in a variety of ways to bring relief and relax the body. Specific movements can be used to quickly bring calmness and a sense of peacefulness.

Progressive Relaxation
Relaxation is an antidote to the taxing effects of unrelieved stress.  Learning to relax and unwind is fundamental for good health and healing. Progressive Relaxation is a quiet focusing technique used to calm the body by individually practicing how to relax muscles and reduce tension.

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